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Logan J. Fry

Product designer focusing on applications in complex domains that solve big problems. I provide discovery, strategy, design, and user testing for product teams to make awesome user-centered products.




Understand the users and the context of use.


Analyze findings from discovery research and determine requirements for minimum viable product. Set hypothesis and determine success metrics.


Design and test from lo-fi mockups to clickable prototypes and comps.


User test fully implemented design, observe success metrics, adjust as necessary



Contextual Inquiry / Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, Customer Interviews, Personas, Flow diagrams, Object Oriented UX, Content Strategy, User Testing


Information Architecture, Prototyping, Wireframing, User Interface Design, Responsive Design,  Sketch/Figma, Adobe CC


Working knowledge of HTML / CSS, PHP/MySQL

Conversational in Javascript and OOP.

Hi, I'm Logan

Hi, I'm Logan

I provide simple intuitive experiences for otherwise complex user tasks. I like to pull insights from what I’ve learned through testing and research in order to build the most ideal experience. Sometimes my idea may be the best, sometimes your idea may be the best. But more often than not, OUR idea is the best.

While the user always come first, I like to focus on the sweet spot between business objectives, user tasks/goals, and easy-to-implement design. When I can find simple elegant solutions that satisfy all three of these areas, I know we’ve got a product that will thrive.

I’m increasingly interested in solving problems for applications that solve big problems for the world.

In my free time I like building stuff, traveling, photography, reading, National Parks, movies, British comedies, motorcycles, friends, family, and a cold beer on a hot day.