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Logan J. Fry | 8.16.15

Super excited and proud to be a part of the iSchool IT Lab reconfiguration process! I take full credit for being the impetus of change here. We had a classroom annex being under-utilized that I suggested we make into a deep-dive room for the UX students. While I didn’t get my wish completely, it got some of the higher-ups thinking about how to update our lab space and create a more collaborative atmosphere. The transformation has already begun in a piece-meal process that may take over a year to complete.

We have shrunk the amount of desk spaced used by the lab staff, created a quiet room for students to work on papers or projects individually, and we’re in the process of building a maker-space near the windows to the hall for a fishbowl effect. We’re in the process of getting funding for all these new plans and I get to shop for cool stuff to put in the new makerspace. Notta bad gig.

Other plans include lots of whiteboard space for scribbling, including whiteboard table-tops, a laptop bar, open tables, and projection monitors for student collaboration. I used some of my architecture experience to create a visualization for some of the ideas – seen here (forgive the nuclear lighting from the windows – the rendering program thinks that’s the outdoors).