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Logan Fry

Logan Fry

UX Designer & Researcher

The thing I like most about what I do is coming up with solutions to problems and then breathing life into my ideas. I like puzzles, and I think of usability problems as just really big puzzles. My energy levels are at their highest when I get to think up novel solutions and collaborate with a team of bright, magnanimous people. I like to pull insights from what I’ve learned through testing and research to build the most ideal experience. Sometimes my idea may be the best, sometimes your idea may be the best, but more often than not, OUR idea is the best.

In my free time I like building things, traveling, photography, reading, National Parks, movies, British humour, motorcycles, friends, family, margaritas, and a good ol’ one-man dance party.

“Logan is a true collaborator and has been a perfect combination of research and design, which is not an easy find. He thinks through problems very thoroughly and proposes practical solutions that consider the needs of both stakeholders and users.

Whether it’s a wireframe, journey map, research report or pixel perfect design, his deliverables are always well thought out and communicative, even under aggressive deadlines. He embraces new initiatives and is a self starter – he’ll be missed!”

Suhani Mehta
UX Analyst, Academy Sports + Outdoors


Powerball Fever

Logan J. Fry | 1.13.16 In celebration of Powerball fever (and since I had some time to kill while waiting for the drawing), I wrote a little program that will always pick winning Powerball numbers. Click Pope Francis for your winning numbers. Get your numbers...

CL350 Project Complete. It’s ALIVE!!

Logan J. Fry | 9.04.15 When I ripped apart my 1973 Honda CL350, the third motorcycle I've owned, I knew little about motorcycles other than the thrill of riding them. After a year and a half of tinkering, reading books and forums, ordering parts, reordering parts,...

University of Texas iSchool IT Lab Reconfig 1.0

Logan J. Fry | 8.16.15 Super excited and proud to be a part of the iSchool IT Lab reconfiguration process! I take full credit for being the impetus of change here. We had a classroom annex being under-utilized that I suggested we make into a deep-dive room for the UX...

Designed New Name Tags for the Team

Logan J. Fry | 6.12.15 I designed and printed these nifty name tags for everyone at work. We don't have a duel-head printer, so to get the color differentiation the lettering had to be printed separately and glued on. Not a perfect solution, but it...

Venn Diagram of UX

Studio AUM Design | 2.22.15 The nebulous nature of UX work and it's related disciplines are interestingly expressed in this beautiful triple venn diagram from Studio AUM. The user experience needs to be considered in the most comprehensive form of the term. From start...

Applying UX Principles to Parking Signs

Wired | 7.15.14 Rather than relying entirely on text, NYC has decided to draw you a picture. And thank goodness! By using visual mapping and commonly accepted color affordances for positive and negative (and cross-hatch to help the red-green color blind), Nikki...

Unconquered UX Markets

Wired | 7.3.14 The stylus market appears to have been left largely untouched (no pun intended) by the UX market. That thing your UPS guy uses to punch your name in after he delivers your package? Apparently it...